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Activity Ideas

In addition to just having a great time with your rocket launch pad and folding kayaks, here's some possible ways to create more fun.  If you have other ideas, please email them to us so we can share them with others. 


1. Science Lesson: Use your paper rocket or water rocket to teach Newton's Laws of Physics. Use this file in Microsoft Word as a rough outline and adapt to your needs.  (right click and save to your computer).


2. Group rocket build and launch: Have the school class, Cub Scout pack or youth group build the paper rockets and then set up the solar system in scale out in a park or on the play ground.  Use this planets.xls Microsoft Excel file (right click and save to your computer) to figure out  the spacing.   Simply enter the number of paces, feet or meters that you have between the sun and Pluto and the program gives you how many paces, feet, or meters from the sun each planet will be located.  If you don't have Excel, view this screen shot of file set for 100 paces.(Click to enlarge the image. Use your browser's BACK button to return to this page.)  Place planets (balls or circles on stakes) on/in the ground and position the paper rocket launcher on Earth.  Let the kids aim the launch pole and try to land their rockets near one of the planets.  Use this to teach the importance of math and calculating everything correctly.


3. Rocketman Jet Pack-Activity Intro:  This is a great way to create fun introducing a group to a rocket building or launching activity.  Using You temporarily convert your paper rocket launcher into a  jet pack as shown in the following pictures.  


Rocketman Jet Pack-Activity Intro (continued):  The 2-liter bottles are painted red by spraying red spray paint inside the bottles (make sure they are completely clean and dry before painting. Spray the inside of the Solo brand clear plastic cups with gold spray paints to create the nozzles.  While using care and safety glasses, use a 1 inch Forstener bit to drill the holes in the top of the cups and the top of one of the three bottles (the center bottle that will slide over the launch tube).  Tape the rocket bottles in place as shown in the pictures.  Slide the nozzles onto threaded portion of the bottle nozzles.  For the outside two bottles use the bottle caps to hold the nozzle cups securely in place.  Slide the center bottle over the launch tube.   Add a strap to hold the jet pack around your neck as shown in the picture. 

Just before the activity, pour 1/2 cup of flour into the launch tube and cover the end with plastic food wrap and then tape it in place.  Pump up the launcher to about 60 psi.  Come out dressed with a rocket nose cone on your head and the jet pack on.  Adapt your intro to the activity you are doing and explain that you have a jet pack that you have invented. Have the kids help you count down from 10 and on zero.  On "blastoff" flip the launch switch and watch the flour blast out.  After you are done quickly remove the bottles and you are ready to use the launcher.  It does make a bit of a  mess and you will want to try it at home in the front yard to determine how will all work.


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