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Water Rockets


This water rocket is the ultimate crowd pleaser.  Check out the video clip below and you will see why.  It is great for group activities at school, family reunions or scouts.  The rocket launch pad is built of materials you can find at your local hardware and chemistry supply stores and our 14-page plans guide you each step of the way.  The plans also include directions on make it easy to build a launcher that will send your he 2-liter rockets soaring 100's of feet into the air. 


The launcher is made of materials you can find at your local hardware and chemistry supply store.  We sell the hard to find parts to make it even easier. 


Plans include a picture parts, detailed instructions for building the launch pad as well as instructions on building the 2-liter rockets. 


Video Clip: Click here to view a short video showing the launch using this great launcher. (In Windows Media Video format - requires Windows Media Player - approximately 200k)


Time lapse photograph: Click here to view a split second time lapse photograph of this amazing rocket's takeoff. 


Click on the Plans button to purchase your plans now.  With our easy to understand plans you can be launching rockets in hours.  We also have PARTS  to help you get started.

Note: Although this is easy to build and use, this is not a TOY and should be built and used under adult supervision.